boulder to the black hills 2O14

the red text will take you places...

wieder zusammen!

our adventure wheels

from the rocky mountains... sodak!

boulder . colorado

on oh my god road


rocky mountain national park


trail ridge road, 3713 meters (12183 feet)
grand lake colorado

 pelican yoga
georgetown . colorado 

adventure in the old school...

premonition photo

haunted house

guanella pass

flood aftermath


gold hill treasures

eldorado springs

our almost-last road in nebraska



fort robinson

fort robinson was also used as a POW camp for german soldiers during WW2

hay springs police department . sodak

heilige scheiße, bin ich auf der rez!

babies everywhere

scenic . sodak

badlands national park

the buffalo and the birdie

cuny table

die erste geschäft von rosie

highway with no name

a storm brewing over buffalo gap



petrified turtle


hummingbird moth


pringle . sodak

deerfield . elevation 5940 . population 2 .  weekend population 13

some big ol' bastards

wind cave state park

back home


storm over the o.l.c. powwow

...till next time...